About JMI Flooring

Jason McMahan and I have been doing flooring/construction work together our entire lives. When we were younger, we worked for Jason's father who, at the time, owned a construction company. We worked weekends and summers all the way through high school.

During our college years, we both worked in Home Depot’s flooring department. Eventually, we started installing flooring on the side for extra money. We continued flooring installation until we got out of college.

We were doing so well installing floors that instead of pursuing our majors, we kept installing floors. We installed for another three years working for every flooring and construction company in town. One of the companies for whom we worked was going out of business. We took advantage of the opportunity and bought them out in 2004.

Over the past 10 years, we have not only grown our business but also perfected our trade. We have found success by not only doing quality work but also by caring for our customers’ homes like our own. We live by the phrase "a clean job, is a good job."

Four years ago, we acquired our general contractor's license to expand our business. While flooring is still our main focus, we now offer all construction services. We do not use random subcontractors to do our work. We have had the same team working with us for the last six years.

JMI Flooring is our family business. We plan on doing flooring and construction until the day we retire. Please allow us the opportunity to show you we care.

Joshua Doddy
JMI Flooring